Video programming 860 Lion | Wireless industrial remote control

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Videos that show programming of the 860 Lion

Here you can see short videos in English that show you the programming options of the 860 Lion, for example how to delete all transmitters in the receiver or how to replace one transmitter in the receiver.

When you open a video a number of buttons will appear, press the one to the left to watch the video.

Coordinate the Transmitter with the Receiver
Programing the function selection
Erasing all pincodes
Starting the transmitter using a pincode
Adding a pincode
Setting transmitter automatic shut-off time
Changing the frequency, option #2
Changing the frequency, option #1
Unlocking the receiver, option #3
Unlocking the receiver, option #2
Unlocking the receiver, option #1
Locating the ID code in the transmitter
Replace a Transmitter
Erasing all Transmitters from the Receiver
Choosing a start-up LED

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