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Customised products

Duztech catches the dust with products from Tele Radio

Duztech offers solutions for dust problems. Our dust suppression equipment work with pure water. A mist of micro water droplets catches the dust particles and forces them to the ground.

The customers of Duztech work in rough environments, and they have high demands on the equipment to function under any conditions. The ability to remote control the machines is important from a security and working environment point of view.

Duztech can now, with the products of Tele Radio, offer customers an easy-to-handle and reliable remote control for our dust suppression equipment.
Tele Radio has proved itself to keep a very high and uniform quality, and they also have an ability to deliver on time.

Duztech uses the Lynx system for their products:

To Duztechs website:

We have developed customised radio controls for Crawford

“Tele Radio is a supplier that is always there for us, combining a high level of service with technical competence”, says Mattias Svensson – Strategic Purchaser at Crawford. Crawford is one of the worlds leading suppliers of gates and logistics solutions.

The gates that Tele Radio supplies with remote control are available in different designs depending on use, for both outdoors and indoors use.

Crawford’s gates have been radio controlled with Tele Radio’s products since the mid-90s. To fulfil Crawford’s wishes and requirements, we have developed a customised radio control for them. The development of their product consisted of producing a special piece of software to adapt the functionality of the transmitter.

To the Crawford web site:

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